Beate Grötsch has won many awards for her short movies, especially for „Ana mit einem N“ which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. She works as a director, photographer and author and got funding for her first feature script   Just Left and Gone  which was supported by the European MEDIA promotion. Her next script   Life is no longer will be produced in 2020. Beate graduated at the film school in Vienna with her short movie   Der Nächste, bitte   at the director’s class of Ruth Mader.
In 2013  she finished her Master study in Script Writing at the Goldsmith University London. In addition she has worked as a curator and jury member. Besides her activities as a director she works as an assistant professor for Script Writing. At the moment she prepares the new drama series idea: Goho which was chosen by the Autorenwerkstatt Top Talente in Munich and of Canneseries.

As a photographer she started at the age of fifteen and her first time solo exhibiton was at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna curated by Ursula Probst: born to be a star. Later she had some solo exhibitons in Nuremberg at the Kulturwohnzimmer der Gesellschaft zur Förderung von  Kunst und Kultur e. V.   Her last group exhibiton was at Jarvis Dooney gallery in Berlin 2019: Postcard Salon curated by Michael Dooney.

She lives in Berlin and Franconia.