New drama series idea:  Goho

Emily dreams about living in Berlin, Nina has no plans at all, Bene believes in the power of the community while Samy is becoming doubtful about his motherland: On their way towards adulthood the lifes of four millennials are crossing in Goho, a vivid, creative quarter in Nuremberg. Emily und Nina are real longboard girls cruising through Goho.


Der Letzte Drop / IN SIGHT / Teaser


After a terrible bike accident, Alex (35), an obsessive downhill mountain biker cannot follow his next important competitions and faces losing his place on the professional ranking list. In hospital, strange flashbacks of childhood come into his mind. He is totally overwhelmed by these haunting emotions. Full of anger Alex confrontates his mother, but the whole family wants to cover the past. Alex real journey starts, he fights for his truth. Also he realizes that he is going to be too old for this sport…

Status:  Pre-Production / The script went through a big change since the idea of the teaser. You can be curious…

Writer / Director: Beate Grötsch